About Sequerra

Designed by Dick Sequerra

During the past 50 years, Richard Sequerra has contributed to many fields in Science and Industry.

Mr. Sequerra has lectured at many universities and to many technical groups and has served on technical standards committees. In addition he has written for numerous technical publications.


• 1949: First Automated Tape to Disc Recording System.
• 1950: First Automated Comparison System for Sound Room Demonstration.
• 1952: High Fidelity Theater Loudspeaker System.
• 1953-55: U.S. Army Signal Corps, Motion Picture Sound Recording, Motion Picture Production.
• 1955: Technical liaison and new product evaluation for Telefunken-GMBH.
• 1956: Designed and established manufacturing facility to produce console phonograph system for Telefunken GMBH.
• 1957: Designed and built semi-automatic production test equipment for Pilot Radio.
• 1960: Designed Marantz lOB FM Tuner.
• 1965: Designed Microkeratome for Refractive Surgery (eye surgery).
• 1965: First Electronic flash adjustable in "f" stops.
• 1966: Designed Pulse Transformer for NASA.
• 1967: Electronic flash synched to motion picture
• 1967: Electronic Flash synched to video.
• 1967: Largest Electronic flash produced.
• 1967: First electronic "Flash Assisted" inspection for steel and aluminum mills worldwide.
• 1967: Nanosecond electronic flash and detection system used to measure energy states of organic molecules for Harvard University and the Atomic Energy Commission.
• 1970: Designed and manufactured Sequerra Model "FM" Tuner.
• 1972-75: Rotating Shutter for Commercial Video Cameras used to reduce exposure time.
• 1976: Conceived and designed Radio Station WNCN - studios, audio chain and transmitter.
• 1977-82: Designed and manufactured 15 different Loudspeaker Systems.
• 1982-84: Conceived and designed AmDat equipment.
• 1984-85: Designed Baseband Filter for Radio Stations, designed SCA Generator.
• 1986: Designed National Association of Broadcaster Super Radio.
• 1987-98: R. Sequerra Associates, Loudspeakers and Electronic Design.


• 1955: Defined portable radio specifications for Telefunken GMBH.
• 1957: Designed and built production test equiprnent for radio Mfg. both AM and FM. Designed IHF Tuner test equipment.
• 1960: Designed Marantz lOB FM Tuner.
• 1972-75: Designed Sequerra Model 1 FM Tuner.
• 1976: Conceived and designed complete FM Radio Station WNCN in New York. Designed special test equipment to measure FM Performance off the air.
• 1982-84: Conceived, designed, and built AmDat SCA Data System, consisting of Modulator, Transmitter and Receiver. Designed to transmit data at Baud rates of up to 19,200 over a FM Station SCA.
• 1985: Designed FM Table Model Radio for Radio Station EAZY-lOl in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are now 60,000 in use.
• 1986: Designed NAB Super Radio.
• 1986: Designed and patented Miniture Vacuum Tube.
• 1986: Designed new spark plug electrode.
• 1986-94: R. Sequerra Associates designed 5 loudspeaker systems.
• 1994-98: Designed UA-1 Amplifier, PA-1 Battery Operated Pre-Amplifier, T-1 Mk. IV Ribbon Tweeter, Signature Mk. IV Full Range Ribbon Loudspeaker.
• 2001: Designed Model 1070-A Microphone Pre-amplifier
• 2001: Designed Ribbon Microphone